The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (12/8 – 12/15)

This was a slower week than usual in the world of television, as many shows had already begun their winter hiatuses. However, there are still some shows that are getting into the home stretch for this first half of the season, and they’re approaching these last few weeks with great dramatic flair. For example, Sunday’s Once Upon a Time set up a winter finale that is sure to be emotionally gripping and filled with intriguing twists. Wednesday’s Nashville put tears in my eyes with a beautiful but heartbreaking near-confession of love from Juliette to Avery, and it made me gasp in its final moments. Thursday featured two excellent winter finales: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland ended with a twist I never saw coming, and Scandal was an intense as ever, allowing the most seasoned acting veterans among its cast to do what they do best.

The incredible acting talent on display in this week’s episode of Scandal made that winter finale the best thing I saw on television this week. From Kate Burton’s incredible work in the episode’s horrifyingly tense opening scene to Jeff Perry’s tortured performance throughout, this episode showcased the way great actors can make even the craziest stories feel compelling. But the MVP of this episode has to go to Joe Morton. Rowan’s complete and total verbal smackdown of Fitz was the most satisfying thing I’ve seen on television in a long time. The writing was perfect (“You disappoint me as a suitor for my daughter’s hand.”), but Morton’s delivery made those excellent lines feel even more pointed. (Every time he called Fitz a boy, it was like you could feel the condemnation dripping from his mouth.) Never has brutal honesty been so brilliant.

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

2 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (12/8 – 12/15)

  1. I love Kate Burton and I adore Joe Morton and I am so glad you put up a clip because for me the show is so over the top it remains unwatchable. But you are right, it was a great smack down delivered.

    For me the best thing I saw last week was Maya Angelou’s poem “His Day is Done” in dedication to Mandela’s life. She is a hero of mine and never disappoints.

    • You have excellent taste in Scandal actors—those two are without a doubt the best of the bunch.

      And a thousand times YES to Maya Angelou and her genius.

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