The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (12/1 – 12/8)

This week in television began on Sunday with an episode of Once Upon a Time that answered some important questions (How did Regina come to adopt Henry?) and raised some even more important ones (What kind of havoc will Peter Pan wreak upon Storybrooke in Henry’s body?). That was followed by an episode of The Good Wife that featured one storytelling and emotional highpoint after another. Tuesday may have been without a new episode of New Girl, but a great new episode of The Mindy Project (with special appearances from wine bras, a gingerbread Monticello, and dancing Danny Castellano) more than made up for it. Wednesday’s Nashville featured a father/daughter duet that made me weepy, and Thursday’s Scandal had so many twists that I think my head is still spinning. Thursday also featured NBC’s live TV production of The Sound of Music, which I actually thoroughly enjoyed, for the record.

There were some amazing TV moments this week: Will preparing to question Alicia on The Good Wife, Maddie and Deacon singing together on Nashvillethe last 10 minutes of Scandal…But nothing I saw on television this week—heck, maybe nothing I’ve seen on television this year—was better than Chris Messina showing off his dance skills on The Mindy Project. A lot of shows threw a lot of twists our way this week, but was any twist more entertaining than Danny’s Secret Santa gift to Mindy being a perfectly executed dance routine to Aaliyah’s “Try Again”?

It was such a great twist that I had to deviate from my regular posting schedule to talk about it with a fervor that scared even me. 

What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

6 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (12/1 – 12/8)

  1. Just so you know, your post about this is what made me decide to give The Mindy Project another try. I watched 4 episodes and then just never came back to it after it was off for a couple weeks so I started it again today from the beginning! I think I like it more the second time around.

    • I think you’ll like it more the second time too because that’s what happened to me. I didn’t like it at all at the beginning, but about halfway through the first season, I think the show found its voice and hit its stride. It’s still not my favorite show on TV, but it’s one that consistently makes me laugh. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the show started getting better when Danny started to get more development as a character (and Chris Messina got more to do as an actor). Like Nick on New Girl, Danny has somehow become the driving force behind the show’s emotional core, and it’s been a very nice development to see.

  2. you actually enjoyed The Sound Of Music..seriously! I really wanted to like it,I love stage performances of any kind. However, while the music was good, the acting was so bad, and not just Carrie Underwood, who after all in not an actress but a singer, but the rest of the acting was just as bad. And I have no joy in saying that. It would be nice to see really good musical hits on tv.

    • I did enjoy it, much to the surprise of everyone around me! I think my expectations were low, and I was simply excited to see musical theater being celebrated. Was the show perfect? Not at all. But was it an entertaining way to spend 3 hours? Yes. But I agree with you, it would be nice to see really good musical performances on television, and I hope the ratings success of this production lends to that.

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