TV Time: Castle 6.06


Title Get a Clue

Two-Sentence Summary Conspiracy theories abound as Castle and Beckett work to solve a murder that appears to have come straight from the pages of The Da Vinci Code or the unrated version of National Treasure. Putting together the mysterious puzzle pieces is a good distraction for Castle, whose relationship with Alexis is falling apart following her decision to move in with Pi.

Favorite Line
Castle (before beginning a sword fight): I am really good at this.

My Thoughts Filler episodes are a fact of life for Castle fans—and really for fans of most television shows. These episodes aren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re hardly a show’s finest hour. And that’s exactly what “Get a Clue” was—a perfectly acceptable filler episode. It had some strong moments, but it didn’t hook me the way the rest of this season has so far. Maybe that’s because the emotional arc of this episode is one I’m just not connecting with—no matter how hard I try.

With that in mind, here are my five biggest takeaways from last night’s episode:

1. Nathan Fillion owns my heart, and I will never get it back.
“Get a Clue” allowed Fillion to show many different facets of Richard Castle, and he balanced them all with the ease we’ve come to expect from him. Whether he was throwing a snarky remark in Pi’s direction, raising his hand to offer a theory, or building epic tales of conspiracies, Fillion made me laugh out loud multiple times during the hour. It’s been six seasons, but I will never get tired of Castle’s theories and his excitement over sharing them. And that’s a credit to Fillion’s ability to keep his reactions from becoming staid or stale. While Fillion really brought the humor this week, he also brought the heartbreak. His final scene at Alexis’s doorway was filled with so much subtle desperation to reconnect with the little girl he feels is slipping away, and it absolutely crushed me. Was Castle the perfect guest when he visited Pi and Alexis? Of course not. But do I think he deserved to be treated like he did at the end of the episode? No, and I think that shows just how much Fillion is able to make us care about Castle and feel every emotion that he feels each week.

2. This Alexis storyline just isn’t working, and it needs to end.
After last week’s episode, we had a great discussion over here about Alexis. With some excellent points from very astute commenters lingering in my head, I went into this episode more open-minded about her storyline, but my open-mindedness apparently has its limits, which were reached within that very first scene. Yes, Castle was condescending, but Pi did live off of his generosity for more than an acceptable amount of time and yet still had the gall to turn up his nose at Castle’s offer of furniture. I don’t like Pi, and until the writers give him more depth, I’m not going to like him.

The final scene between Alexis and Castle left a really bad taste in my mouth as someone who has been a fan of their relationship since the pilot. I’m more than okay with Alexis asserting her independence, and I understand the need for the show to have some drama now that Castle and Beckett are happy. But to turn Alexis’s character from a smart, sweet girl to someone who unapologetically shuts the door in her clearly apologetic father’s face (the same father who saved her life in Paris last season) is going too far. Not to mention the fact that she had some pretty harsh things to say about his relationship with Beckett. I cringed when she made that remark about not knowing if her father marrying Beckett was a good idea or if she was the one. That’s something a character can never take back; we as an audience (99.99% of whom love the Castle/Beckett relationship) will never be able to see Alexis in the same way after she so coldly dismissed the relationship she’s watched her father develop over nearly six years. And to have her compare her relationship with Pi to her father’s relationship with Beckett was ridiculous. I sincerely hope we’re supposed to see that argument as the ridiculous, anger-fueled ramblings of a young girl who was hurt that her father didn’t tell her he was engaged (which was also very strange to me).

I know that Alexis is allowed to be hurt, to act out, and to behave like a real young woman with her own issues, mistakes, and faults. But we haven’t seen enough of these issues developing for them to make sense. And shutting the door on her visibly upset father was such a cold action. I know Castle was not perfect or faultless in this scenario, but Alexis’s reaction just felt like an overabundance of drama for drama’s sake. I hate saying this, but I’m not sure I can go back to loving this character as much as I once did after hearing all of the things she said to Castle in this scene. He’s still her father at the end of the day, and he deserves some respect (or maybe I’m just old-fashioned).

3. All Roman Holiday references are good references.
Whoever the Roman Holiday fan is among the Castle writing staff, I salute you for your perfect little nod to one of my favorite movies. References like that are one of the reasons I love this show so much.

4. This episode was beautiful to look at.
Everything about this episode was gorgeous. The set design was incredible—from the bohemian cuteness of Alexis and Pi’s apartment to the grandeur of the monastery. The lighting was perfect, balancing saturation and shadow brilliantly to enhance the tone of each scene. And the cinematography was some of the best I’ve ever seen on Castle. “Get a Clue” really was a feast for the eyes.

5. There are far too few sword fights on this show.
If we’re talking about feasts for the eyes, then we have to talk about Castle’s swordplay moment. It brought back memories of Mal learning to sword fight on Firefly, and I loved every second of it. Fillion looked like he was having the time of his life shooting that scene, and it fit the character for it to be so enjoyable. And is there anything more attractive than a good-looking man showing a little bit of his inner pirate? That answer—at least for me—will always be no.

I know there are plenty of other things to discuss about this episode, so I’m counting on you, fellow Castle fans, to help me get a good discussion going once again. See you in the comments!



21 thoughts on “TV Time: Castle 6.06

  1. I’ve really been struggling with the Alexis storyline. Last week, I was able to put myself in her shoes when she asserted her independence because my mom and I had the very same conversation 11 years ago when I decided to move in with my boyfriend (now husband). But this week. This week I’m just so mad at the character. She let her father stand in the hallway while she berated him like a child. So Castle didn’t tell her he was engaged? Okay, I understand being upset about that. But what right does that give her to bring a complete stranger into her father’s house without asking him first? A stranger who was a freeloader. And then to compare this short term relationship to the five-year-relationship of Caskett is absurd. And, you’re right, she can’t take that back.

    As I sit here typing this, I can’t help but here Marlowe in my head saying, “Sometimes we want them (the fans) to be frustrated.” I really hope this is one of those times and the resolution he and the other writers bring to this storyline satisfies me (and others). It also better include some Beckett-Alexis bonding.

    • As I sit here typing this, I can’t help but here Marlowe in my head saying, “Sometimes we want them (the fans) to be frustrated.”

      That right there is my worry is that they’ve taken this too far to be able to redeem the character (Alexis, but Pi as well) from this point on.

      What is worse is no matter where you look, the hatred for Alexis, because it’s not merely dislike any more, is almost universal. Which to me is a reflection on a very misguided plot device. When you make on of the most favourite characters on your show so universally loathed, that’s not a good plot choice at all.

      • Absolutely, Julia! I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve read “I’m done with Alexis” in the last day. Could people be venting? Of course, but I have my doubts. The Castle/Alexis relationship has often been touted as one of the best father/daughter pairings on television. I’d hate to see them throw that all away. :-/

    • Lindsay I am with you on Marlowe wanting the viewer frustrated. I felt very uncomfortable watching that final scene last night, but I think I was meant to feel that way. And while the final half of the last scene really had me frustrated with the character and reading the frustrations here over the last couple of weeks I also have another theory. We are watching this through the prism of Castle. The show ultimately is through his point of view and the lens we most often watch events unfold and are left sympathizing with in pivotal moments. I thought about how protective of Castle people felt when Beckett displayed doubts last season at Castle’s seriousness with the relationship. For many it felt as though Beckett wasn’t giving our protagonist credit where credit was due, especially in the much maligned Squab and the Quail. I think the portion of the fan base that is vocal on message boards and Twitter isn’t necessarily indicative of the mood of people around this plot, but I know for me that complete lack of compassion from the character really felt like the step too far away from the Alexis we’ve grown to care about over the course of 5 seasons. I hope next week’s episode will be very telling and that we will see a movement back towards the relationship we’ve invested in as viewers.

      • Thanks for the response, nicademus! I agree that we, as viewers, often see the events that unfold through Castle’s eyes. It’s definitely how the show is designed. 🙂

    • I also kept coming back to Andrew Marlowe’s quote about wanting the audience to be frustrated at times as I thought about last night’s final scene. I hope that all of this frustration leads to a good resolution, but sometimes I don’t want to be frustrated; sometimes I just want to be able to like a character, and I don’t like Alexis right now. I know that if the resolution is handled well enough I’m sure I’ll fall back in love with the character, but I fear that some in the fandom have gotten so frustrated that they’ll never be able to like Alexis again—and as a fan of all of these characters, I don’t want to see that happen.

  2. Here it comes — the novella of ‘How do you solve a problem like Alexis”

    OK, let me get the fun stuff out of the way
    1) Only Castle would pause a search for a murderer to go down a line of swords like a kid in a toy store aisle saying “Ohh have it, need it, want it, got it…” That it preceded a sword fight doubles my joy.
    2) “What Color is it” – “Free” may be favorite exchange Castle has ever had with an Alexis suitor.
    3) I would like an episode where Martha sits on awkward uncomfortable furniture over the course of the entire hour. Susan Sullivan is magical.
    4) I think you hit the nail on the head regarding a filler episode. A 24 episode season is grueling creatively. Balancing long-range storytelling, procedure of the week and character development that is well paced is hard over that length of time. So I appreciate that there are these episodes that happen throughout a given season (and not just on Castle). I think that the two most recent ones have come from the same writer, this and Fast and the Furriest. My biggest issue with both is that their pacing is very erratic. The laughs are huge, but it is a “which way” book navigation that I think undermines the storytelling. That said, I am never going to gripe too loud at an episode that finds a way to tie together nods to Roman Holiday, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Princess Bride.
    5) Pi – I truly believe we are supposed to see Pi through Castle’s point of view and not liking him is part of the point. So I am with you, no love loss there and if the barging in Castle’s bedroom hadn’t already set me off, asking what color the couch was would have. Free = best answer ever. I am saving it for when my daughter goes to college.
    6) Alexis… OK, I am one of the people who have sternly been in the keep calm, roll on camp when it comes to Pi and more importantly the rapid deterioration of Alexis and Castle’s relationship. Yes there have been lapses and inconsistencies within her character, but I stand behind my assessment last week about the direction being plausible, even though I hate seeing it. Count me among those who has cherished the relationship Castle shares with his family, especially in the early seasons because it was the touch point that provided depth to a very shallow man long before his relationship with Beckett. I am also a firm believer that in season 4 we began to see a shift from Alexis regarding both her getting older and her pause around her father’s relationship with Beckett. So I am OK with it and with the fact that Pi is the catalyst for the proverbial shit hitting the fan. Even last night in the opening scene I was OK with how it played out. I think Castle didn’t make an effort and Alexis being angered by it was completely called for because she had a right to expect him to make an effort. At 19, when you’re infatuated you don’t put those expectations on the focus of your infatuation (thus her not holding Pi accountable to his free-loading and disrespecting of Castle’s loft). I thought Martha’s intervention was on point and offered true wisdom to the situation and that independent of all that Castle is as a father he is still self-centered and at times a jackass. He needed to be called out and Martha was the perfect person to do so. So I was good, right up until the final scene. That’s when they lost me. I was even OK with the absurd comparison of her relationship to his, because only someone who has lived a sheltered, privileged life could conceive that the comparison had merit.
    However, last night’s final scene (as I am certain it was designed to do) made me very uncomfortable. I didn’t have as much of a problem getting Alexis’ perspective on the proposal this late in the game, because I had assumed it based on her actions this season. I think as an audience we were supposed to know it and it is only Castle who is discovering the hurt for the first time. That said, I have struggled a bit with the passive aggressive hostility that we’ve seen from the character, both because it hasn’t been her nature not to be direct and because it seems a bit heavy handed. I can understand her striking out for her independence and even calling Castle to the carpet about sorry being just a word and he’d have to prove himself through his actions because that was in the realm of what happened. But her conduct from not letting him in the apartment to closing the door in his face was wrong – inherently, for the character and for me for the conflict they are telling in this story. Yes Castle is an overprotective; at times irrational father who deserved reprimand for his actions at dinner and may even deserve to be called out on his thoughtlessness. But I draw the line at what happened last night. Alexis may be right to feel hurt and angry about her father’s actions both towards Pi and around the proposal, but that’s her father and he has steadfastly supported her and her decision-making throughout the 6 years we’ve watched. Her actions all felt like it went one step too far with her being indignant. And that is a shade of Alexis we’ve never seen. Stubborn, absolutely insolent, not so much and that was extremely disappointing for me. When she rejects his apology and contrition to work on accepting her choice I think it was incredulous that she said he had ‘to feel it’. I am sorry but WTF?!?! Look I had my strike out for adulthood conversation with my parents and what I told them was they didn’t have to agree or even respect the choices I was making but they did have to accept the fact that I made them. Acceptance isn’t belief. Castle has a lifetime of experience that Alexis hasn’t come close to seeing, partially because he’s shielded her from it. To demand his acceptance be of true belief was a load of crap and if Alexis was going to shut the door on him I wish it had been because Castle told her that! But to have her shut him out when he was there hat in hand and bewildered by the derailment of their relationship was cruel and that is something else I have never associated Alexis’ character to over the span of this show.
    I have great faith in the care and feeding given to these characters. But I do continue to believe some of the tonal shift for Alexis has been harsher than I would have expected. I do think her lack of screen time has made the shift feel more abrupt, especially against what has overall been a very organic feel and tone of natural progression for the season. I’m curious for the death row case because the obvious affection and connection between Quinn and Fillion is always something to behold. But for me, I am left with a bit of pause around Alexis and her father and hope that this case doesn’t gloss over the real chasm they’ve created for these characters.

    • Now it’s my turn to read and nod at your thoughts! 😉 I loved reading your take on Alexis’s situation in this episode because you were coming at it from a much different place than I was, so it was interesting that we both ended up with basically the same impression of that final scene: It was tough to take, and not just because we felt bad for Castle. It just didn’t feel like the Alexis we’ve come to know. We’ve never seen her be so cruel, and passive-aggressive is the word I was trying to find to describe her actions all day (my brain is seriously fried today). Alexis’s demand that Castle’s acceptance come from a place of real belief was ridiculous. You can’t force someone to believe something; you can only hope they are open to accepting you as you are, and that’s what Castle was willing to do. But Alexis wanted more from him than is reasonable to ask from anyone, especially a parent with so much more life experience. It was an absurd line and an absurd moment of character motivation, and I’m really hoping we were supposed to see it as such.

  3. Totally agree with everything you said here Katie. While this ep had its fun moments, it definitely screamed filler overall. The only things that weren’t filler were the much debated Alexis scenes which, regardless of how they plan to tie that story up, weren’t enjoyable to watch. Like you, I had major issues with that last scene. I can’t help but feel like the writer’s are completely changing Alexis as a character to fit the story that they wanted to tell. One of the things that I’ve always loved about Castle is that it serves its characters before plot, so this is disappointing to see. I really wouldn’t have a problem with this story line if Alexis was acting even remotely in character.

    My biggest issue with that last scene was definitely Alexis trying to compare her relationship with Pi to Castle and Beckett’s. I don’t know if it’s just the writers trying to show the character’s immaturity, but it came off as really childish to compare a 6-year adult relationship (which to be fair, has had its childish moments :)) to a 2-month relationship between two 19 year-olds. At first I found it weird that Alexis was taking issue with Beckett of all people, after all of the failed relationships with crazy women that Castle has had in the past that Alexis has seemingly been fine with, but someone on TVline’s recap made a really great comment about that. They speculated that Alexis is hesitant about Castle and Beckett’s relationship, simply because it IS the most stable, mature, loving one that Castle has ever been in. As much as Alexis likes seeing Castle happy, she probably can’t help but feel sad that now she won’t be the only normal, steady relationship in his life. Anyway, that comment made me feel a little bit better about at least that part of the scene 🙂

    All in all, I’m really curious to see how next week shake outs, and if viewers will be able to come back around to Alexis as a character, depending on what happens.

    • Thanks for the comment, Becca!

      “I can’t help but feel like the writer’s are completely changing Alexis as a character to fit the story that they wanted to tell. One of the things that I’ve always loved about Castle is that it serves its characters before plot, so this is disappointing to see. I really wouldn’t have a problem with this story line if Alexis was acting even remotely in character.” – This is exactly how I feel. EXACTLY. It’s almost as if the writers were so eager to have this storyline that they were willing to fundamentally alter Alexis’s character to develop it, and that goes against everything I love about the way this show handles its characters.

  4. I wrote this before reading your review Katie. One of the benefits of been on the other side of the world, my today is your tomorrow. I had the intention of editing my comments but after reading your review but decided not to. On a side note I’ve just finished season 2 of Chuck and it is picking up.

    Wow what an episode. So much happened and so much to love. Family moments abound and finally we learn how Alexis heard the news about the engagement.

    This episode was bookended with the family, and both were uncomfortable experiences. In the beginning we have Castle and his disapproval of Alexis’ living arrangement, and at the end Alexis expressing her feelings of the way Castle treats Pi. In the middle is Martha attempting to play the role of peacemaker, reminding Castle that his beginning was not that much different.

    in previous posts Katie has emphasised that characters reactions to new situations are believable when they are true to the character. In the final scene Alexis’ speech is so in character. This is not a girl who has suddenly changed and is doing things out of left field. Her reaction to Castle’s treatment of Pi and the cutting speech is a reminder of a similar speech in Season 2 Episode 4 when Castle did a background check on Dylan, the music teacher. In both speeches the underlying message is this person is someone who makes Alexis happy and inspires her. All she wants is for Castle to respect this and be supportive of this. Watching this scene I’m reminded of Beckett’s comments that Alexis took Castle apart like a pro and it was uncomfortable to watch. As a viewer I felt the same uncomfortable feeling that Beckett felt, not so much because the conversation in itself was uncomfortable but that both scenes are a powerful statement about the desire for acceptance.

    Castle’s reaction to this dressing down is so typical him. ‘Sorry’. So in character, and you see by the look on his face he believes this is all he needs to say for Alexis to forgive him and things will be right with the world. Why wouldn’t he think this. In Season 2 Beckett tells him their relationship is over that his looking into her Mother’s case is unforgivable. Castle says the magic word and Beckett invites him back. At the end of Sucker Punch, Castle once again says sorry and Beckett once again tells him he is to stick around. Knowing this Castle utters the magic word, but Alexis calls him on it stating that saying sorry is not enough, what she is looking for is acceptance. Actions not words.

    The closing of the door at the end was a powerful symbol that Castle needs to accept the choices Alexis has made and support her, just as she has accepted the engagement. Alexis doesn’t know if Beckett is the one, but the telling comment is that she sees that Beckett makes Castle happy, and she’s OK with that, even though she found out about the engagement second hand. Even the offer of make up ice cream, so often the goto solution to solve disappointment or arguments wont sway Alexis. closing the door is a clear signal that the ball is now in Castles court. To make things right he now has to prove himself to Alexis and I suspect Pi. How this situation plays out will make for some brilliant drama. Every parent has at some time found themselves where Castle is at the end of the episode.

    I need a hug.

    • Mark, I really enjoyed your take on this episode and final scene. Throughout this season I have been in your camp regarding Alexis’ actions. While I think Molly Quinn is playing the scenes differently, I do think that the reactions and even some of the behaviors are not out of left field for her character. While I am not in agreement with you on the closing of the door at the end of the scene, I appreciated the looking at it differently.

    • This is why I love running this blog—I always find new ways to look at an episode through the eyes of my readers/commenters! We both saw this episode very differently, but that’s the beauty of things like TV; everyone can see the same thing in so many different ways. I thought Castle’s apology was heartfelt and I didn’t think Alexis needed to be so harsh in demanding not only acceptance but full belief in what she’s doing (and, by extension, full belief in Pi). But maybe I just see it that way because I think it would be hard for me to really feel it if I knew someone like Alexis who was doing what she was doing.

      It’s always a pleasure to read a different perspective—especially when they have as much detail and thought as this comment!

    • “The closing of the door at the end was a powerful symbol that Castle needs to accept the choices Alexis has made and support her, just as she has accepted the engagement. Alexis doesn’t know if Beckett is the one, but the telling comment is that she sees that Beckett makes Castle happy, and she’s OK with that, even though she found out about the engagement second hand.”

      Hi Mark! Loved reading your perspective on the episode! Regarding the thought above, I really think at a fundamental level Castle is responsible for Alexis not knowing if Beckett is the one for him. He tends to keep his relationships in separate bubbles. We’ve seen that several times throughout the duration of the show. First there was Gina’s comment about Castle keeping Alexis all to himself. And then we see Alexis and Martha learning of Gina and Castle’s relationship issues from a tabloid. We now see the same patterns with his relationship with Beckett. It’s almost like he’s scared to bring all of his relationships together, as if doing so would cause all of them to fall apart. He’s such a beautifully flawed character. All of them are. I hope whatever resolution Marlowe and Co. has in mind will do the characters justice.

      • Lindsay, I find what you said really interesting because I have a completely different take on it. I think you are right that Castle keeps his relationships in bubbles away from from particularly Alexis. It is a piece of his character I have always admired and it particularly struck me in the episode with his mentor when they go to that club and Castle offers up the line that “there’s not much more than a bed and yes I am a member”. I never saw it as fear, but more as a respect for the better part of his character, his role as a father. As a single parent, I do a lot of what I call separation of church and state – meaning my dating life remains separate from my family life. Since season four I have taken his struggles with Alexis to be when do you stop protecting your children from it. It’s the transition of being a parent to becoming a person to your child. Harder for the parent to see when the timing is right. Alexis ‘not knowing’ is an uncertainty I think she has carried since Beckett’s shooting. Underplayed until now, but certainly there over the last couple of seasons.

        • All of those are valid points, nicademus. And, I think you hit the nail on the head much better than I did – even if our end goals are the same. You’re exactly right. Castle is likely struggling with how and when to bridge his relationships with Alexis and Beckett. I do think, however, when we struggle with big decisions like this an underlying fear exists. Fear of the unknown. Fear of things not turning out as you expect or want. It’s human nature. In the essence of full disclosure, I am not a parent and have no experience in this realm. 😉

          Also, when it comes to her uncertainty about Beckett, this is where Alexis isn’t as grown up as she’d like to think – or attempting to portray. Because, as an adult, she could very easily approach Beckett about her intentions and feelings for Castle. Hear directly from the horse’s mouth how devoted Beckett is to him.

          The more we discuss these ideas, the more excited and curious I am to see how it’s resolved. 🙂

      • Hi Lindsay! Until you mentioned it I’d not seen the connection with each of Castle’s lives, and yes I can see the pattern. Each part of Castle’s life fits into it’s own compartment. I wonder, and perhaps in 10 years time University students will be dissecting Castle, and be suggesting these very same themes.

        Now this is something that perhaps others can comment on, but all the players here; Castle, Beckett, Alexis are, as far as we know, the only child. Are we seeing here the character responses which could be labelled as ‘Single child syndrome’. I have a number of friends who are only child and they do behave differently. They have no hesitation in making a decision that is life changing without first thing about other people in their lives or how a decision impacts others. It’s almost a selfish way of thinking and acting.

        Comments please.

  5. Even though this was very much a filler episode, I had fun with the case. I have a not-so-secret love of fictional historical mysteries so I would have been just like Castle with the clues.

    I do have a hard time believing that Castle wouldn’t tell Alexis about the engagement. Maybe not beforehand, but definitely in the aftermath. It feels off for their previously-close relationship. That said, I can understand why Alexis would be hurt over that. I’ve never gotten the impression that Alexis really likes Castle’s relationship with Beckett. She accepts it, yes, because it makes him happy, but I think she does have questions about whether or not she is the right one for her dad. So I think the comparison to her relationship with Pi made sense for her, even though it comes across as ridiculous to the viewers.

    Castle’s offer of makeup ice cream was mistimed, but it still felt out of character for Alexis to completely ignore that Castle really was sorry about the way he had acted. He’s trying and I would have liked to see a little more effort on Alexis’s part as well.

    • I’m glad you also shared my disbelief over Castle not telling Alexis about the engagement at some point soon after it happened. Nothing we’ve seen from their relationship would indicate him wanting to keep something so important from her, and it felt like a writing decision done solely to create conflict rather than stay true to the characters.

      I also agree with you about Alexis’s view of Castle and Beckett’s relationship. She’s never been as openly negative about it as she was in this episode, but I also have always gotten the feeling she never quite warmed up to the idea. I wish more would have been made of that than just the scene in “Rise” when she confronts Castle about going back to work with Beckett because I think we should know more about her thoughts; maybe it would have made her reaction in this episode more palatable. Does she dislike the fact that Castle’s relationship with Beckett puts him in danger? Does she harbor some resentment over the way Beckett’s walls hurt her father in the past? Does she think her father isn’t capable of finding the one, or is she even a little jealous of the fact that maybe he has found his new go-to girl? We don’t really know, and I wish we did.

  6. I’ve always liked Alexis, but it irritates me that she can be such a brat sometimes. She always flaunts how smart she is like that is an excuse for acting her shoe size instead of her age. I can understand why she feels bad, and why she’s angry, but I feel no pity for her. When she doesn’t get her way she rubs Castle’s face in the fact that she’s so smart and that Castle hasn’t always acted like the best parent; it is irritating. Alexis is always portrayed as being the “mature” one of the Castle’s, but this week, as with many other weeks I just had to scoff at the very idea. Also, on a side note, I have disliked Pi ever since the first episode and I wish that he would just go away.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and join in on our Alexis discussion! I agree with you on a lot of your points; I, too, have always liked Alexis, but I get frustrated by her belittling attitude towards Castle. At the beginning of the show, it was almost like a running joke between them that she was the “adult” and he was the “kid”—because we saw that she really did respect her dad and value his guidance at the end of the day. But now it’s not cute or funny—because it seems she really believes it and we know that’s not fair to Castle. Yes, he can be immature, but he has always been a good, solid, and stable father.

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