TV Time: Castle 6.05


Title Time Will Tell

Two-Sentence Summary When a murder suspect reveals that he’s a time traveler sent to save billions of lives from destruction, Castle and Beckett find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy straight out of a sci-fi movie, and they’re given some interesting clues to their own futures, too. Castle’s present, however, isn’t looking quite as rosy as his future—Alexis is moving out of the loft and into an apartment with Pi.

Favorite Lines
Beckett: You’re trying to drive me crazy, aren’t you?
Castle: Well, apparently I already do if we end up with three kids.
Simon: Would you like to know their names?
Castle: Yes!
Beckett: No!

My Thoughts Castle is in such a groove right now. For as much as I love the show and have always found things to love about each episode, it’s been a long time since there’s been a string of five consecutive episodes that I’ve enjoyed this much. The confidence this show has sparkled with all season was once again on full display in an episode penned by the show-running team affectionately known to Castle fans as “MilMar”—Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller.

Marlowe is the man responsible for creating the tone of this show, with its balancing act of comedy, character-driven drama, procedural elements, and romance. Therefore, it should have come as a surprise to no one that “Time Will Tell” was yet another example of just how good Castle can be at blending genres. The opening reveal of the murder victim was straight out of a thriller or even a horror movie. The plot itself was all sci-fi with a fair amount of comedy mixed in. The emotional beats came from family drama. And the whole episode crackled with the banter of the best romantic comedy duos.

I’ve said it many times, but I’ll say it again: Castle does episodes steeped in “nerd lore” better than any other television show. So much of that success comes from the fact that the show always treats its subjects with respect, whether that subject is sci-fi conventions, soap operas, vampires, alien hunters, or time travel. These episodes are often so much fun because they get the details right, and they never really poke fun at fans of whatever genre or topic they’re highlighting. For example, in “Time Will Tell,” we learn that Esposito is a Doctor Who fan who even references the use of sonic screwdrivers. Every character on Castle is allowed to be a little bit (or more than a little bit) nerdy, and that’s something the show celebrates rather than belittles. As someone who runs as website explicitly founded on the belief that we’re all nerds about something, I love seeing that idea reflected on Castle.

The time travel plot of this episode was incredibly entertaining. So much of that came from the excellent casting of Joshua Gomez as Simon. I will admit that I am completely biased when it comes to Gomez, though; I am a huge fan of Chuck, and I will always have a spot in my heart for Morgan Grimes, half of one of my all-time favorite TV friendships. Gomez is such an energetic actor, and his comedic timing is perfect. I loved the way this episode made use of those skills, as well as his gift for playing panicked and frantic like no one else in the business. Gomez and Nathan Fillion worked so well together, too.

Castle has featured more than a few Chuck actors in the last few seasons, and I can only hope that someday Zachary Levi himself shows up at the 12th precinct. Just thinking about the hijinks he and Fillion could get into in an episode makes me smile.

My favorite scenes in “Time Will Tell” featured Simon nonchalantly describing Castle and Beckett’s future. I may not love the idea of Senator Beckett (Washington wasn’t a good fit for her, remember?), but I couldn’t help but adore the way Castle smiled with pride at the idea of his future wife’s political career. It’s small moments like that one that remind me just how much Fillion makes this character come alive in small but incredibly effective physical details. And who didn’t love the mental image of Castle and Beckett living in New York with their three children?

The best part about those statements from Simon was that we could take them however we wanted to. This episode had an ambiguity to its handling of supernatural elements that the show usually doesn’t have. I wonder if it’s because Beckett felt an ambiguity towards Simon that her rational nature often shuts down. When she spilled the coffee on the paper at the end, it could have just been a coincidence. But the usually-skeptical Beckett took a second to consider the possibility that Simon wasn’t crazy, and that was an interesting twist for her character—and a sign that perhaps Castle is rubbing off on her. I don’t think she’s going to be chasing Bigfoot anytime in the near future, but I did find it interesting that she would choose to consider the validity of this man, who was making some very nice statements about her future with Castle. If ever there was a time for Beckett to want to believe in the supernatural, it would have been then.

This was another episode where Castle and Beckett felt comfortable and confident in their relationship—and we as an audience reaped the benefits of it. I liked the way they casually talked about their future and their wedding vows in a very natural manner. The way this relationship has been integrated so smoothly into the show’s plot this season is wonderful; it makes their interactions feel more natural and honest than ever before. From Beckett’s face after Castle joked about their future baby-making habits to their sincere talk about Alexis, the interactions between Castle and Beckett in “Time Will Tell” balanced the humorous and the heartfelt in a way that really worked for me.

In fact, the only thing that didn’t work in this episode was Alexis’s storyline with Pi. I think I understand where this story is going, and I understand Alexis wanting to assert her independence, especially after her father got engaged. However, I don’t want this to become an “Alexis hates Beckett and the engagement” storyline. Alexis is an adult, and she sees how happy her father is with Beckett, a woman she has been shown to respect. I really wish we’d been given more scenes between Castle and Alexis about his relationship with Beckett (or even a scene with Beckett and Alexis), so I could properly make a guess about Alexis’s motivations.

All I seem to know about Alexis now is that she appears to always need a boyfriend, and she’s more than a little condescending towards the father who moved heaven and Earth to save her when she was kidnapped last season. Maybe some of my frustration over Alexis’s characterization is because I saw in the Alexis of earlier seasons a reflection of who I was in high school, and now I don’t relate to her at all. I never felt the need to have a rebellious phase, and I’ve never liked the stereotype that every girl goes through a period of dating losers and making bad decisions. I’m actually hoping this decision to move in with Pi gets treated down the line as the mistake it seems like right now. The one good thing it gave us in this episode was that heartbreakingly beautiful shot of Castle whispering “Too soon” as Alexis left without even a hug goodbye. Fillion is the master of those kinds of subtle dramatic moments, and the sympathy he made me feel for Castle as a father contributed in no small part to how frustrated Alexis made me in this episode.

While the episode ended on a depressing note, it worked because Fillion made it feel genuine and organic to the character. The episode as a whole really drew strength from its actors. It could have been pure ridiculousness, but it worked because the script was smart and, mainly, because the actors sold everything they were given. This was a love letter to the Terminator franchise, Back to the Future, and all the other greats of the time-travel genre, and I appreciated it for exactly what it was—campy, classic Castle fun.


16 thoughts on “TV Time: Castle 6.05

  1. Another outstanding review, Katie. And boy, was I as happy as you to see yet another Chuck alumnus on the show…Zachary Levi is free to show up any time he’d like (Yvonne, too) and I’d be a happy camper. Joshua Gomez is such a hoot, and he was the cherry on top of a fun, fluffy sundae of an episode.

    If I may, I’d like to just touch upon all of the hubbub surrounding the Alexis storyline right now. First of all, I think the writers absolutely know they’re pushing people’s buttons with the direction this character is taking right now. Honestly, I think they’re counting on it. If there’s one thing I’ve realized about this show, it’s that these kinds of twists and turns aren’t injected simply for the hell of it. They’re going somewhere with all of it, of that I’m sure.

    Second, I think Alexis should be cut a little slack here. I know you’re an intelligent woman, Katie; I’ve read enough of your material to know this. But I might suggest that you’re viewing Alexis and her behavior through the lens of your own experience. What feels right or wrong to you isn’t going to align with what feels right and wrong to others, a point which I’m sure you would concede. Do I particularly like her behavior right now? No, not really. BUT…I was that good girl, good student who went away to college and went a little crazy. I moved in with my boyfriend at age 20 in spite of my parents’ objections, and gave them no choice in the matter because I had a job and was paying my own way. Considering the many destructive ways a young adult can exert their independence, moving in with one’s boyfriend doesn’t rank high on the objection scale for me. Also, as the mother of a son who is barreling head-long into puberty right now, I can assure you: we don’t always like the people we love. He’s a good kid, but his sudden surliness and snarky attitude are most assuredly not my favorite parts of him. They’re also not totally unexpected. Likewise, I don’t think Alexis’s form of “rebellion” (if, in fact, that’s what it even is) is all that surprising. I feel like I “get” Alexis, not only because I WAS her at one point, but because I’m watching first-hand my own child go through these growing pains. I guess I’m just not one to throw stones in this regard.

    Third, I don’t think Alexis’s choices have a single thing to do with Kate or the engagement. Not for a moment. If anything, I think she felt the freedom to make this move because she knows her dad is happy and cared for. Period.

    Anyway, just my two cents on the matter. I’m amused (and frequently disturbed) at the amount of vitriol directed toward the character of Alexis. I can’t understand how a character who spends so little time on screen can evoke such emotion, but then again, there are numerous elements of this fandom I will never, EVER understand. Until next week Katie, and thanks again for the thoughtful review.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to share your opinions and your experiences here, Megan! I love when my readers/commenters help me see an episode differently than I had before. You are very much correct; I do view Alexis through the lens of my own experiences for better or worse, and I’m sure I’m projecting things onto her character arc that probably aren’t fair. Like you, I am often frankly disgusted by the way parts of the fandom treat Alexis, and I would never want people to think I harbor that kind of vitriol towards her as a character.

      I actually think the thing that bothers me the most about this situation is Pi. I understand that Alexis moving out is more about asserting her own independence than whoever her boyfriend is story-wise, but I think I would have liked this storyline better if I liked Pi more—or even if I knew Pi more. Maybe it’s supposed to feel random and underdeveloped because that’s how the decision feels to Castle, but after getting invested in Alexis’s relationship with Ashley back when that was developing, I can’t help but feel this storyline could have been handled with more depth and more discussion.

      My concern with Alexis’s reaction to the engagement comes from some of Molly Quinn’s comments on Twitter and in interviews rather than what the show itself has presented us, so I’m probably reading too much into that. Then again, reading too much into things is a way of life for people like me. 😉

      Thanks again for leaving such a thoughtful comment. It’s always great to get a different perspective after being left alone with my thoughts about an episode for the majority of the day.

      • Oh gosh, I totally agree with you about Pi!! He does seem like rather random addition, but I guess at the same time, I wonder how much effort Castle has put into getting to know him. I think he’s had a definitive opinion about him from day one and that has been that, so to speak. Is he at fault for not wanting a squatter on his couch? Heck no! As a home-owner, I would be livid. However, as a parent, is it not his responsibility to at least *try* to know the people that figure prominently in his child’s life? I don’t know…I think both Castle and Alexis share the responsibility of how messed up the whole situation has become. But I do not doubt their love and loyalty to each other. Like I said, I think the writers have an endgame in mind, and I’m willing to wait them out to see what it is.

        By the way, I can probably name a couple of boys that I dated primarily because my parents couldn’t stand them. 😀

        And on the topic of Molly’s tweets, I can’t help but think that yet again, her age is a factor. Whenever I hear Stana talk about Beckett, it feels like she knows her character so intimately, like she really understands her motivations. I don’t get that impression from Molly; I think she attempts to sound knowledgable and it doesn’t always come across well (probably much how I sounded at the tender age of 19). I mean her no offense, truly, but I pay very little attention to her comments about the show.

    • Megan, I think you are so right about the creators knowing where they are going. Andrew Marlowe has never been accidental with these characters and I think that remains true with Alexis. I do adore the relationship that Alexis and Castle share. Castle’s relationship with her and Martha are one of my absolute favorite things about this show. I am curious about the way it’s being played by Molly Quinn. I have always enjoyed her on the show and thought she brings such a wonderful weight to Castle’s character. Her portrayal has been very consistent over these first few episodes, so my sense/assumption is that it’s a deliberate choice on her part and the creators. I don’t think it is about her skills at all. That said, the choice has created a distance and what I have felt is a lack of emotion that is very uncharacteristic of how she’s played the character in the past. That said, I am interested in watching how they pivot and redefine Castle and Alexis’ relationship.

      • I completely get what you and everyone else has said about Alexis being portrayed as almost “unfeeling” right now. I picked up on that, too. I guess what I keep coming back to is: these people are actors. While I believe that they’re given a certain amount of input and leeway with their characters, in the end they’re told how to play a scene. If Molly is playing Alexis as detached, it’s because she’s being TOLD to play her that way, you know? I have no doubt that if Alexis’s departure from the loft was supposed to be more emotional (for her), the director would have said “Cut! Okay, now once more, and this time with emotion!” and that’s the scene that would have been part of the episode we saw last night. But people use a mask of detachment to protect themselves from emotions they’re not ready or equipped to deal with. They also behave that way in order to project an image of certainty and maturity that they otherwise do not possess. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if those are the angles that are being played here.

        I don’t know what direction they’re going to take this whole thing, but I’m not particularly bothered by that. Honestly, I’m content to let the whole thing play out organically, and the writers for this show have shown a talent for doing that time and again.

        And hey, I love your responses!! I always look for them. You and Katie are thoughtful commentators, and I always look forward to hearing your feedback.

  2. OK first of all “Nerd Lore” needs to be a thing and we need to craft it like biblical chapters. Just saying! I love that like few other things I have read.

    A word on Beckett, since you so wonderfully covered Fillion in all his physical nuanced glory. Everything that is right about season 6 was summed up in her face when they tackled Simon to the ground and he proclaimed he was from the future. Before we ever saw Castle’s face or heard him utter a giddy word we saw Stana Katic’s brilliantly simple, absolutely perfect face of amused anticipation as she waited on beat for trademark Castle to gleefully chime in. It’s the knowing love and acceptance of someone that you value for the many facets they bring to your life. I think that moment bookends perfectly with what you said about her spilling the coffee. Before Castle, Beckett wouldn’t have given credence to the possibility of magic. Now, while she may still seek fact, default to the belief that logic will prevail she has arrived at a place in her life where she is open to the alternative. I think it speaks not just to Castle’s influence, but to the reality that she has come through a darkness and found worth in life beyond honoring her mother. For me it as nice pairing of moments that connected the episode for me in a way that makes me love the show a little more each week.

    “Too Soon” may go down as one of my all-time favorite moments on this show. It was visceral and so filled with honest sadness that it startled me. I wasn’t expecting it. I expected the look, the Fillion 1,000 emotions on his face, but that under his breath reluctant acceptance broke my heart. I can’t say enough about it.

    Now, as for Alexis. I was the 19 year old who stepped out into the world against everything my parents believed I should do and I fell flat on my face about 50% of the time. So I got it from the perspective of why she struck out in this way. Here’s the thing. I think Beckett is at least partially right, that Alexis is trying to figure out who she is and more importantly who she is within her own family now, not just as an adult. I don’t think this set of decisions/course of action she’s taken is about Beckett or the engagement. I think it is about the very real differences and changes that have occurred in her relationship with Castle. I think we saw glimmers of it begin in season 4. I also think while she respects and cares about Beckett and is even happy for them it is a fact that after 18 years of it being her and her dad against the world there is now someone else who is his priority. And even with two marriages behind him that has never been the case. I don’t think she’s ‘rebelling’ I think she’s trying on new perspectives. I remember having similar ‘personality departures’ when I was in college. It grew from a desire to be different than what everyone had come to expect of me. Part of having the confidence in being considered rational, smart, et. al. was a desire to not have that responsibility. I suspect the actions of Alexis over the last few months feeds from that. Or at least that’s my guess. I also think this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this in her character. Her early admission push to Stanford also reflected a bit of what she is doing now. The difference being, she’s a touch older. Finally, independent of all of that. As someone who was an undergrad in NYC there is no way in hell that girl is paying half of any apartment, anywhere in Manhattan on work-study! 😉 So, as with Pi, I will continue to take it with a grain of salt and if it gets me conversations like the ones he and Kate had at the precinct then I am OK with it for now. I think the biggest issue I take with the storyline is that Molly Quinn has pulled the character so far into this new space at times she appears almost devoid of emotion around it, which is uncharacteristic.

    All that said, to be 6 seasons into characters and still find myself as a viewer invested, surprised, touched and enthralled speaks volumes to this show and the actors work on it. Besides, this read continues to be my favorite respite for on Tuesday afternoons.

    • I totally agree with you on Alexis. For me, it has less to do with the storyline (i actually quite like it and find it, even Pi, very believable) and more to do with the way Alexis is portrayed. I can’t quite put it into words, but something about the character and how she is being played makes me terribly uncomfortable. Which makes me sad, because I loved Alexis through the first four seasons and most of season 5. I feel now that she seems manipulative, falsely innocent, and unnecessarily passive aggressive. Maybe more her mother’s daughter than we would have thought? I will say this….Molly Quinn is one heck of an actress to swing such a 180 so believably when she has had, what, five min total on screen all season to date. Sure has the fandom talking!

    • All these thoughtful comments about Alexis are making my day because I love seeing an episode or even a character through someone else’s eyes for a moment, especially if that “someone else” can articulate things as well as you just did. I’m willing to step back and see how this plays out, mainly because I trust Nathan Fillion to keep giving this relationship the mixture of gravitas and warmth that makes it so special. Like you, I feel like Molly Quinn is somewhat emotionally detached from many of her scenes lately, and I’m wondering if that’s where my problem with Alexis’s storyline really comes from. As you know from reading my thoughts on everything from Suits to Once Upon a Time, I love nothing more than to feel emotionally engaged by a storyline, and that’s just not happening here with Alexis. Even though I might not be able to relate to her story personally, I think I might have understood her better if I felt more emotion coming from her. As you said, it’s uncharacteristic, and I wonder why that disconnect seems to be happening.

      Also, I love those things you mentioned about Beckett. I completely agree that finding happiness and purpose outside of her quest to avenge her mother’s death has opened her up to so many positive things. Her character arc continues to be a beautiful thing to observe.

  3. Awesome review Katie! As usual, I pretty much agree with everything you said 🙂

    Things I loved: Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. I’m a big fan of their supernatural-tinged eps and this one definitely delivered. I loved the little scene at the end with Kate and the coffee; it’s always fun to see her question her reality a little bit, as well as being a nice little way to show Castle’s effect on her.

    The revelation that Beckett becomes a senator and that they have three kids was great, especially Kate and Castle’s extremely in character reactions to the news. I love that Andrew and Terri gave fans the little treat of knowing what will happen to these awesome characters once the show is off the air. I’m more like Castle than Beckett, so I’m just going with the idea that Simon actually was from the future lol. Speaking of, I though Josh Gomez was fantastic, and completely agree that this was the perfect role for him. And yes to Zach Levi being the next Chuck alum to guest!

    I thought Stana was fantastic in that scene where Beckett talks to Castle about Alexis. I loved that we saw her kind of hesitate like she wasn’t sure if it was her place to say something, and then kind of quietly gave her opinion. Kate has always been very respectful of Castle and Alexis’s relationship and the fact that Alexis is an adult who doesn’t need a lot of solo parenting, let alone co-parenting. The whole scene just felt very true to the character and her relationship with Castle.

    Things I wasn’t crazy about: I would have loved a little Castle/Beckett scene at the beginning or the end, but we’ve been spoiled with those lately, so I can’t complain.

    Things I don’t know how I feel about: Alexis! Like you, I’m bummed because I loved her in the early seasons. For a long time she was the most realistic and relatable (at least for me) portrayal of a teenager on t.v. But for the past couple seasons, I’ve liked her less and less with each episode. I get the whole growing up thing (I’m only a few years older than her), but at times it’s felt more like she’s a completely different character than one who’s just getting older. I get that the writers are trying to show her acting out because of Castle’s relationship with Beckett, but I don’t think that they necessarily built enough of a foundation to earn that story line. For one, we’ve had 0 scenes with Alexis acting even remotely upset about Castle and Beckett’s relationship. This may be intentional on the part of the writers, but I think it’s leading to a lot of confused viewers and means that the inevitable reveal will feel pretty out of left field. Also, if it does end up that Alexis is in fact upset about the engagement, I just don’t know that I buy it. Alexis has watched her dad in 2 failed marriages and presumably other relationships that weren’t going anywhere. They’ve portrayed Alexis as a character that absolutely adores her dad, and I just don’t know that she would be that upset by him finding an awesome woman that obviously loves him and that Alexis has been shown to like and respect in the past. I get that Alexis may be upset about the way that she saw Kate kind of jerking Castle around before they got together, but really, was it more drama-filled than Castle’s relationships with Gina and Meredith?

    Anyway, despite that bit…lol I totally agree that Castle is in a really good groove right now. Honestly, this was probably my least favorite ep of the season so far, and I still really liked it. Can’t wait for next week! Looks like a fun ep!

    • Thank you so much for the comment, Becca! I love that no matter what we all felt about this episode, everyone seems to agree that Zachary Levi needs to guest star on Castle ASAP. 😉

      Like you, I’m trying to reconcile this Alexis with the one from earlier seasons and find myself having more and more trouble doing so. I understand growing up and changing, but something feels off about the entire tone of the character lately, and I miss the warmth that used to be such an integral part of her relationship with Castle. I wonder if having more scenes between Castle and Alexis where they talked about his relationship with Beckett might have helped make these scenes feel a little more natural, even if they’re not explicitly a reaction to the engagement.

  4. Hi Katie,

    Another good review. So many great scenes in this episode. I’ve only just started watching Chuck, up to episode 2 of season 2 so it was interesting to see Morgan out of the Buy More. But I digress.

    Whilst there were many great scenes in this episode the one that resonated (and I really hate the word resonate when marketing and change managers use it) was the final scene. I see Alexis moving in with PI not about acting out against Castle and Beckett’s engagement, but a natural progression or the next stage of a young person’s life. It’s natural and inevitable that children will leave the nest. Castle’s comment, “Too Soon” speaks more about his feelings of abandonment and realisation that time’s up. Every Father knows that a time will come when their little girl will have someone else in their lives that will become number one. Castle’s comment shows that he knows the moment has come, and the little special family moments that he looks forward to are coming to an end. PI is now Alexis’ number one man.

    I feel Castle’s reaction is spot on. In this situation there is no right response, no Cool Dad response. No matter what response Castle would be in the wrong. His begging Alexis to reconsider for a year speaks more to his desire to find the right moment to let go in effect he is the one not ready to let go, and despite everything he feels about his daughter and the knowledge that she’s bright and can make her own decisions he can’t let go. ‘Too Soon’

    • Hi Mark! I’m so happy to see another comment from you!

      First of all, I hope you’re enjoying Chuck—it’s one of my favorites. 🙂

      As for Castle’s “Too soon” line, I completely agree with everything you said about Nathan Fillion’s delivery of that line. No matter my feelings about Alexis’s storyline right now, days later I still find myself emotional when thinking about how much pain and loss Fillion was able to pack into those two little words. The idea that Alexis’s isn’t just leaving the loft (she did that when she went to college) but explicitly choosing Pi over him is devastating to Castle as a devoted father—but, like you said, it’s a moment he knew would be coming eventually. He just thought he’d have more time to get ready for it, which is what makes his final words in the episode so poignant.

  5. Overall, I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. I sort of have two sets of favorite Castle episodes in my mind – ones that focus more on the dramatic aspects and character development and complex plot (for example: all the episodes about Beckett’s mother), and those that are just straight-out fun, like the episode last season about the zombies, and the sci-fi convention episode, and this episode! Castle is good about almost always having some sort of character development happening in every episode, there’s occasionally some more focused on hijinks and silliness and I enjoy both kinds of episodes immensely. I was laughing through the whole show and enjoying all of Simon’s statements about the future, especially about Castle and Beckett’s future together. Their reactions to all of what he was saying were priceless!

    (Side note – I agree with you in that I’m having trouble picturing Beckett becoming a Senator, because I doubt she’d enjoy the political games you likely need to play in order to be a Senator or run for any kind of election as I view Beckett as more of a “straight shooter” who wants to just tell it like it is for the most part; but who knows, I’m sure the show could eventually make me believe it if they wanted to take her in that route in the future.)

    I do like that they left the “is it real?” aspect of the time travel sort of ambiguous – most things can be explained away by coincidence, etc, although the coffee stain on the letter gives me pause, mostly because it was in the photo – where did Ward (I think that was his name?) even get the photo in the first place, and how was the letter stained in that picture but the original wasn’t stained when they got it from the victim’s wife? To me that points to time-travel being a go, but I’m sure someone could come up with an explanation for me that makes it make “realistic” sense etc, I just can’t think of one right now :p

    I think, for me, my main problem with Alexis right now is that she’s had too little screen time this season. She’s hardly ever on screen, and when she is she’s not often talking much (if at all). I don’t necessarily mind her moving in with Pi because in the end, she’s an adult now and gets to make her own decisions, and while I know that Castle is concerned and that it’s probably too soon for how long Alexis and Pi have been dating, I think the best he can do right now is just be there for her if she needs him. I don’t know if this is a rebellious phase or if it’s just Alexis doing what her heart wants/what she thinks she wants/etc, but I suppose we’ll see what happens. It doesn’t quite feel like the Alexis we’ve come to know in the past 5 years, to be honest. I think mostly I just wish we had seen more of Alexis and Pi’s relationship – how do they fit together? What does Alexis like/love about him? What does Pi see in Alexis? Pi to me so far seems to be a well-meaning and nice guy, though he’s a little kooky, but he’s not necessarily someone I would’ve pegged as Alexis’s type. I don’t really know where they’re taking this storyline right now, but I just hope that if we have much more of Alexis and Pi that we get to see them actually interact more than just in the background making breakfast together while Castle is talking about Beckett or a case, etc, because so far I have no idea at all how their relationship works.

    I did enjoy though that the habit of Castle taking his problems with Alexis to Beckett to get some perspective continued in this episode, as I always enjoy that he can ask for her honest opinion, that she’ll share it and not hold back, and that Castle won’t get offended or think she’s “taking Alexis’s side” or whatever. Showing them sharing these types of things only makes their relationship feel more real to me, which is wonderful 🙂

    • Your two favorite types of episodes are the same as mine, and they’re a great example of what makes Castle so special—it can rip our hearts out with incredibly emotional hours of television, and it can also provide sheer escapist fun. And it does both things extremely well.

      Your biggest concern about Alexis is one that I share: In order for her storylines and character development to make sense, we have to see more of her. I don’t know what is making her tick right now, and I wonder if we’re not supposed to—almost as if we’re supposed to be in Castle’s shoes. However, it makes it hard for me to relate to or feel emotionally connected to her storyline right now.

  6. I really liked your review and am enjoying reading the thoughtful and interesting comments from everyone. Especially those regarding Alexis. I haven’t particularly liked the Pi storyline either. I think that does have a lot to do with the way she seems so detached and unemotional. The Alexis from the previous seasons would have been at least a little upset about moving out and away from her dad. I also don’t understand why Alexis is dating Pi. Alexis is intelligent, sensible, and responsible. Pi doesn’t seem to be any of those things. Maybe that’s just because we don’t really know him but I don’t see why Alexis would like him. I understand that she wants to assert her independence and is figuring out who she is. I would even understand if they had chosen more of a “bad boy” type for her to date and move out with. But we haven’t seen the emotional connection in their relationship and I think that’s why it feels off. And like many have said, maybe that’s the whole point. Maybe the writers don’t want us to know yet how she really feels or what she’s thinking.

    • Thank you so much for the comment! I think you hit the nail on the head when you said the most glaring thing about Alexis’s storyline is that she seems so detached. It’s such a departure from the somewhat reserved but warm character she always seemed to be. If we could get some glimpse into Alexis’s emotional state or her side of this situation, I think it would be easier for me to sympathize with her, but there’s been a very noticeable lack of development with her relationship with Pi. But like you said, perhaps it’s for a reason. I can only hope we find out soon.

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