TV Time: Teen Wolf 3.08

Title Visionary

What Happened? Scott and Allison listen to Gerard’s story about what happened years ago with Deucalion, Kali, and Ennis when they were in Beacon Hills to get advice from Derek’s mother, and the events that resulted in Deucalion’s blinding. Meanwhile, Stiles and Cora hear Peter tell the story of what changed the color of Derek’s eyes to a “cold steel blue,” a tragic story about Derek’s first love, Paige. However, we see, through the flashbacks, that Peter and Gerard are both unreliable narrators; things may not be what they seem.

Favorite Quotes
“Why do I care? Let’s see…because over the last few weeks, my best friend’s tried to kill himself, his boss nearly got ritually sacrificed, a girl that I’ve known since I was three was ritually sacrificed, Boyd was killed by Alphas, I…do you want me to keep going? ‘Cause I can, alright? For like an hour.” (Stiles)

“How old are you now?”
“Not as young as we could have been, but not as old as you might think.”
“Okay, that was frustratingly vague. How old are you?”
“I’m seventeen.”
“See that’s an answer. That’s how we answer people.”
“Well, seventeen in how you’d measure in years.”
“Alright, I’m just gonna drop it.” (Stiles, Peter, and Cora)

“Actually, I was speaking about the fact that he’s a complete psychopath. He cuts people in half with a broadsword.” (Talia Hale, talking about Gerard)

My Thoughts One of the two storylines in this episode was Gerard’s tale of the events in Beacon Hills when most of the Alpha Pack were in town. What I found quite interesting is that we’re shown that Deucalion wasn’t always a conniving evildoer; in the past, he strove for peace. His character follows the way Teen Wolf has shown that often evil is not born, but made.

So far, most of the major antagonists on the show have been influenced by Gerard: Kate Argent undoubtedly was influenced by Gerard, considering he is her father, and it is certainly possible that Gerard assigned Kate the task of taking down the Hales; Peter became driven to kill out of pure vengeance because of Kate’s actions that decimated his family (though you could argue that from the events of this episode that it’s likely Peter has always been a sociopath with the potential for murder); and Allison was heavily manipulated by her grandfather, which set her on her grief-stricken and rage-filled hunt for Derek in Season Two. It often comes back to Gerard, which makes me incredibly suspicious as to what he’s up to now—the wheelchair doesn’t necessarily mean anything as, after all, we have previously seen someone appear to be incapable of committing the murders when in truth they were completely capable, as Peter showed us in Season One. Perhaps Gerard is the Darach, and this war between the Darach and the Alpha Pack is one big “Gerard versus Deucalion” rematch?

I also really enjoyed seeing Talia Hale in the flashbacks. Learning about her rare shape-shifting ability and how her power made her extremely respected by other werewolves made me realize even more just how much Derek lost and the weight of the expectations and responsibility that have been on his shoulders for so long.

Speaking of Derek, tonight’s episode was yet another sad story of how Derek Hale has been intimately familiar with tragedy since he was a 15-year-old kid in high school. I thought it was quite interesting that this story ultimately told us more new information about Peter than about Derek. We’ve always known that Derek has a tragic backstory; we just know now that it’s more tragic than we thought.

Peter, however, is a different story. Instead of learning that the fire and the loss of his family turned Peter into the creepy, manipulating murderer we saw in Season One, we see that Peter has always been a creepy manipulator. Throughout the flashbacks, we see how Peter manipulated Derek, and how he was constantly there, getting into Derek’s head with his carefully chosen words, all to push Derek in a certain direction—turning Paige. In some ways, this also sheds light on Derek’s character—he has been around people who have manipulated him for so long, it’s no wonder he’s so reluctant to share information or talk to anyone, since people have always used what he’s shared against him in ways that have caused him great loss. Not that he is completely blameless in these situations, but it certainly shows us how Derek has been used so often by people he thought he could trust.

In the end, these flashbacks caused me to be in awe of Derek’s strength. While he is a bit of a mess of a person, I cannot even imagine the strength it would take to be able to pull yourself out of bed every day after the amount of loss he has experienced, especially when the loss of a pack member is supposedly like “losing a limb.” First he lost Paige; then betrayal from Kate and the loss of his family; then Peter killing Laura and having to kill Peter; then the loss of Erica, and the Alpha Pack using Derek as a weapon to kill Boyd. With the amount of loss and betrayal Derek has experienced, I think it’s a miracle that he still fights back, that he still tries to do the right thing, even if he is sometimes misguided.

Other Notable Things
• Pack Advisors: Through the flashbacks, we learned that packs often have a druid advisor, and that, not only is Deaton the Hale family’s advisor, Morrell is the Alpha Pack’s advisor. I think it’ll be quite interesting to see how these two work when they are essentially on opposite sides of this conflict.
• Unreliable Narrators: If, like me, you have felt that there were lots of little things that have been strange or just felt off about this season, then Stiles’s speech about unreliable narrators probably stuck out. I don’t know what it means, but it feels to me like a huge clue to the audience that not everything is as it seems here. I’m beginning to wonder if not everything we’ve seen this season has been reality; after all, we know that Alphas can mess with your mind and memories. What if mixed up memories are what we, as the audience, have been viewing all along?

Episode Title Speculation: 3.09 “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”
I’m going to assume this title relates to several people we’ve seen this season: Lydia, for one, with her unknown powers related to spirits and death; Jennifer Blake, who is quite close to all this chaos and definitely knows enough to be put in danger, quite possibly knowing more about the supernatural than we’re aware of at this point; and “The Girl” from our season premiere episode, who definitely knew more than even most of our characters know this far into the season. All three of these characters have the potential for much more information to be revealed about them, and all of them know more information than is (was) likely safe for them to know during this chaotic period of time in Beacon Hills.


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