TV Time: Teen Wolf 3.07

Title Currents

What Happened? While visiting his mom at the hospital, Scott realizes that healers are the next on the Darach’s list of sacrificial groups, which is confirmed the next day when Deaton calls to tell Scott that he’s going to be taken. While Scott races to find Deaton before it’s too late, Isaac and Boyd come to Derek with a plan to defend him from the Alpha Pack. Their plan fails, and the Alpha Twins and Kali force Boyd onto Derek’s claws, killing him.

Favorite Quotes
“You know, I’ve read online somewhere that sometimes human contact can help with pain.” (Scott)

“You were on watch last.”
“What are you talking about, you were on watch last.”
“You were on watch last.”
“I might’ve been on watch last.” (Scott and Isaac)

“Sweetheart, my last boyfriend was a homicidal lizard. I think I can handle a werewolf.” (Lydia)

“Why would I dream about you going through my stuff?”
“I don’t know that, Danny. Okay? It’s your dream; take responsibility for it. Shut up and go back to sleep.” (Danny and Stiles)

“Your eyes were red…bright red.”
“How is that possible?”
“It’s rare. It’s something that doesn’t happen within a hundred years, but every once in a while, a Beta can become an Alpha without having to steal or take that power. They call it a true Alpha. It’s one who rises purely on the strength of their character; by virtue, by sheer force of will.”
“You knew this would happen.”
“I believed. From the moment I knew you were bitten, I believed.” (Deaton and Scott)

My Thoughts I am the type of person who, in general, likes to focus on the positive things about the shows I love. While I know they’re flawed, and I acknowledge and think about those flaws, I prefer to focus on what I love about them rather than all the ways in which they make mistakes or are problematic. So while I’m going to start off with a few things that talk about how some of the issues I had with this week’s Teen Wolf, I will keep most of the focus on my favorite and most thought-provoking parts of the episode.

Dear Teen Wolf: You’ve been very good to us viewers and, generally, I think you do things well. But this season you have now killed off two main characters that are not the most well-represented in media—a woman and a person of color. And this show doesn’t have a lot of those characters to begin with. I’m not saying that you’re necessarily consciously doing this, but it is problematic.

I’m wondering why they decided to kill Boyd in the episode right after the one that actually began to give him more backstory. We barely knew anything about Boyd at all, so why bring up all those questions about him and his sister if we’re not going to see any more about it? Perhaps we’ll learn more later, through flashbacks or through relatives, but for now it looks like our questions will have to wait.

I’m hoping that there’s a plan for at least one of our two Beta wolves to somehow come back to life on the show, since, as we’ve seen with Peter, on this show once you’re dead you’re not necessarily completely dead!

Now, on a more positive note, let’s talk about Melissa McCall. We all wish we could be as awesome as she is, am I right? In this episode, she appears to be dealing with a hospital in chaos without much help; saves Danny’s life with her knowledge and skills; figures out how the healers are being killed through examining the evidence of the marks on their bodies; and brings the sheriff into the loop on this without having to tell him about the supernatural elements. I am so happy to have her as part of the “in-the-know team” this year, and I love her character so much.

Deaton’s kidnapping was one of the major plotlines this episode, and it brought up a few questions for me, even while it did provide us with an answer for one of the questions of the season. Deaton is taken by the Darach due to being a healer—in his case, a healer of animals—and is kept in the bank vault where Boyd, Erica, and Cora were kept this summer. Does this mean that the Alpha Pack and the Darach are connected? It can’t just be a coincidence that the bank vault has featured in both of their plans, can it? This seems highly suspicious to me.

We also learned, through the rescue of Deaton, that Scott has the ability to be what is called a “true Alpha.” This type of Alpha becomes an Alpha not through inheriting or taking the Alpha position from someone else, but through sheer strength of will and character. It’s extremely rare, though, in that it doesn’t usually happen more than once every hundred years or so. And this is, apparently, why Deucalion is after Scott. I’m still not entirely sure what exactly Deucalion’s plan is with Scott—does he want to kill him because he thinks Scott will have more power than he does? Does he want him to join their pack because he collects unusual Alphas? I don’t think that we’ll know exactly what Deucalion is trying to do until the end of the season, as he seems to be quite clever and strategic.

I think this concept of a true Alpha is an essential part of the show’s foundation—Scott, as a character, has an essential moral goodness to him that would make becoming an Alpha in any other way very difficult to do; we’ve seen that Scott always tries to find an option to solving a problem that doesn’t include killing someone, no matter how bad the things that person has done are, and therefore having Scott kill someone to become an Alpha would not be a fitting way for his character to gain that power. This concept, then, gives the writers a way to advance their protagonist into a role with more power and leadership responsibilities without breaking his characterization to get there. It also, of course, fits in with the many fictional protagonists throughout history who have something extremely rare and special about them that makes them stand out.

The other major plotline of this episode was Derek’s showdown with Kali, which ends in Boyd’s death. Most of my thoughts about this are sad and involve lots of tears. And besides the problems with his death I pointed out earlier, I am left wondering what the purpose of his death is in the overall arc of this season. Are the writers trying to isolate Derek? He’s now lost three of his original four Betas, and at this point I’m not sure he has anyone left that he is close to. I’d be surprised if it turns out that Peter, Jennifer Blake, and Cora are actually trustworthy and not up to something, and Isaac is somewhere in between being in Derek’s pack and in Scott’s pack. If they’re not trying to isolate Derek, then are they simply trying to build up our group’s rage against the Alpha Pack so that they’ll have something to truly fight for?

Other Notable Things
 Beacon Hills is an Actual Beacon: We learned in this episode that there are telluric currents that are unusually abundant around Beacon Hills, making it a sort of “beacon” of energy. This could explain why the Darach and the Alpha Pack are here, and perhaps it’s even an influence on why Scott is a “true Alpha,” not to mention it could be a factor in drawing the supernatural to the town during the rest of the series.
 I Hope It’ll Make Us Stronger: I am glad that Teen Wolf finally showed us more of Erica’s death this week, since it feels like the show forgot about her so soon after discovering her body that I was beginning to wonder if any of the characters other than Boyd were affected by her death at all. I’m still not completely satisfied by what we’ve seen of the impact of her death on those around her, but I’m so glad we got to see that her bravery and resilience were present all the way to her death. That is most definitely the way Erica would go out, fighting to the very end.
• Jennifer Blake: Ms. Blake has seemed like an interesting character from the very first time we saw her, but the way her interactions with Derek have appeared in the last few episodes I am beginning to wonder if she is one of our “big bads” this season. I would keep an eye on her, as something in my gut tells me she’s not as sweet and innocent as she appears.

Episode Title Speculation: 3.08 “Visionary”
If you’ve seen the promo, then you know a major aspect of this episode will be a flashback to earlier times in Beacon Hills, when Derek was in high school and the Hales were all still alive. This is likely partially what the episode title refers to—those memories that we’ll get to see. I suspect the title could also refer to a specific character who might have special powers that allow them to see visions, maybe even visions of the future, or it could simply be being used as a colloquial phrase—the “visionary” who has an idea of how to lead their group to success in the future.


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