The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (3/31 – 4/7)

This was a fantastic week for the TV shows I regularly watch. The Mindy Project had two hilarious episodes that highlighted the chemistry between Mindy and Danny better than ever before. Parks and Recreation gave us the wonder that was Ben on morphine and yet another reminder that he and Leslie have the most inspiring marriage on TV. New Girl took the sexual tension between Nick and Jess to new heights and gave us some classic Schmidt/Winston interaction, too. Even Saturday Night Live had some moments in contention for best of the week with the wonderful Melissa McCarthy hosting.

Ultimately, though, the highlight of the week was the 100th episode celebration of Castle. “The Lives of Others” was filled with great moments—from Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller’s cameo to all of the sweet little moments between Castle and Beckett. However, the best moment of the episode—and the best moment on TV this week—was the revelation that the murder Castle was investigating was actually an elaborate birthday gift from Beckett. It featured the supporting characters we’ve come to love over the last 100 episodes interacting in perfect ways with each other and with the main characters. (I still get emotional thinking about Martha and Beckett’s relationship.) It showcased some fantastic acting from Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic as Castle went through a huge (yet believable) swing of emotions, starting with anger and ending with love. And it gave us another look at how deeply Beckett understands Castle and how much Castle enjoys still being surprised by the woman he loves.


What was the best thing you saw on TV this week?

6 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (3/31 – 4/7)

  1. As usual, I’m torn between Castle and Parks and Rec for best moment. I completely agree with your choice for Castle but I can’t decide if Ben on morphine or Ron’s hatred of skim milk made me laugh more on Parks this week.

  2. Oh Katie, I couldn’t agree with you more! What a treat that episode was for all of us long-time fans (and newer ones too, I’m sure). I just love the evolution of these characters and their relationships; it feels organic in a way I haven’t experienced with many other shows. Thanks to Andrew and Terri for one their most fantastic episodes yet!

    • “Organic” is the perfect way to describe the characters and relationships on Castle! They’ve developed so naturally over time, and it’s such a beautiful thing to see as a fan.

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