The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (2/24 – 3/3)

This week was a fantastic end to what has been a great February sweeps period for all of the TV shows I regularly watch. Nick and Schmidt celebrated their 10th anniversary as roommates. Once Upon a Time ripped my heart out tonight with its Snow White storyline. Even the repeats shown this week were worthy of consideration for the best things on TV: Parks and Recreation offered a second showing of “Halloween Surprise” (and yes, the proposal did make me cry once again), and Saturday night gave up a second look at Once Upon a Time‘s excellent “Manhattan.”

The best of the best, though, came from Castle. “Hunt” was a suspenseful, dramatic, perfectly-acted hour of television. Combined with last week’s “Target,” this arc gave us Nathan Fillion’s strongest performances to date. His gift for subtle, real emotion was never more evident than in his scenes with his father, brought to life by the equally wonderful James Brolin. The two actors gave their scenes a depth and gravitas that lesser actors could never have found in such a common “long-lost father” storyline.

From Casino Royale to one of the most well-placed “Always” lines in the series, the scenes between Fillion and Brolin were the most affecting, layered, and all-around-best moments I  saw on television this week.



What was the best thing you saw on TV this week? And what are you looking forward to most in the coming week in the world of television?

4 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week (2/24 – 3/3)

  1. I completely agree, Nathan’s performance was the best thing on TV this week.

    My favorite comedy moment this week came from NBC’s show Go On. One of the more eccentric characters on the show offered to babysit for another member’s kids because he had seen Mary Poppins a lot and felt he would do a good job. The episode ran with the Mary Poppins bit perfectly. He even flew off the roof in the end (which turned out to be a daydream though he did actually jump off the roof with an umbrella). I loved how much they really committed to the idea of him as Mary Poppins. I also really liked Jess running to nowhere on New Girl.

    • I just saw your favorite episode post, and it made me smile because great minds think alike. 😉

      I was obsessed with Mary Poppins so much as a kid, so I think that Go On episode is one I would LOVE.

  2. the best thing on tv this week was Beckett’s interigation scene in “Hunt” on the Castle series.Katic is an amazing actress and goes from calm and cool to fury in a second.

    • Beckett’s interrogation scene was another moment that made “Hunt” so memorable. I think it was some of Katic’s best, most intense work. From the moment she kicked the chair until the end of the scene, I was on the edge of my seat. She was absolutely ferocious.

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