Sometimes I Cry Over Reality TV


This is love. (I’m telling you; if you’re a hopeless romantic like I am, do yourself a favor and click that link.)

It’s a rare thing when something on reality TV feels real, but that’s the best way to describe Ashley and JP From their first date (a Bachelor-franchise rarity: a night spent in sweatpants, eating dinner at home), these two and their relationship have felt surprisingly genuine.

Maybe it’s because Ashley reminds me (and a lot of other people—from my family to my coworkers) of myself: a tiny girl with a big personality who’s quick to cry over a lot of things (both good and bad), always ready to dance, and passionate about the work she does and the people she loves. Maybe it’s because JP seems like the kind of man I (and I think a lot of other single girls out there) would love to find: a normal guy who’s grounded and centered, who knows who he is, and who looks at Ashley with a smile that would melt even the most jaded skeptic’s heart. Whatever it is about them, I bought it from the beginning, and I still bought it enough to sit through two hours of Bachelor-franchise shenanigans to watch them finally get married last night.

I know some people will never be able to believe anything about this franchise, and that’s fine. It’s had more than enough spectacular failures to warrant the skepticism. But I’m a romantic at heart. And when I watched Ashley start to cry while walking down the aisle towards a beaming JP, I started to tear up, too. Because sometimes I just want to believe that it’s out there. And when JP said his beautifully heartfelt vows, it was easier than ever to believe that sometimes love triumphs over damning odds and even more damning cynicism.

Love is the reason to keep hoping when things seem the most hopeless. And sometimes real love is found in the most unreal of places…like reality TV.

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