TV Time: Castle 6.10

Castle 610

Title The Good, the Bad, and the Baby

Two-Sentence Summary After a dying man abandons a baby at a church, Castle and Beckett must solve not only his murder but also the mystery behind the baby’s identity and connection to the case. Until they do, they take the baby in, which allows both of them—especially Beckett—to take a glimpse into their future and the possibility of having children of their own someday.

Favorite Line Upon walking into the loft to see Martha holding a baby while Castle and Beckett are sleeping near her: “How long have I been gone?” (Alexis)

My Thoughts In honor of this episode’s Thanksgiving theme, I would like to turn this week’s review into a little list I like to call: “10 Things to Be Thankful For in ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Baby.’”

1. An Excellent Opening. The opening of this episode, with the victim stumbling into the church while the cantor was singing and the service was going on was just unsettling enough to be memorable. Part of me was a little frustrated that the chilling events of last week’s episode went completely unaddressed in “The Good, the Bad, and the Baby,” but that’s sadly to be expected from a procedural. However, I did get a good dose of goose bumps from this opening scene without being as terrified as I was by “Disciple,” which is just what I want from a holiday-themed Castle episode.

2. Playful Pocahontas. Between last season’s “Secret Santa” and this episode, I really enjoy watching Castle and Beckett share holiday traditions—even made-up ones. I had a feeling Castle was kidding about his Thanksgiving costumes, but I loved that Beckett was willing to play along. Even more than that, though, I loved that she was smart and sassy enough to get him a costume just in case he turned out to be kidding.

3. A Family Affair. It warmed my heart to see Beckett and her father included in Castle’s family festivities for Thanksgiving. I have always loved that the Castle Family feels like a real family, with history and traditions that are special to them. And now I love that Beckett and her dad are becoming a part of this warm and welcoming family. From Beckett helping Castle shop for the Thanksgiving meal to Alexis talking to Jim Beckett on the phone, there was a very natural, domestic feel to this episode, and that tone was perfect for a holiday episode. It further proved to me that this season of Castle is all about confidence, and now that extends to confidence in the characters’ abilities to form their own big, happy family without having to make a big deal about it in the plot.

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Grading the (Mid)Season Finales 2013: Suits

I know this episode of Suits wasn’t technically a season finale, but it feels right to treat it as such since it aired before such a long hiatus. 

Title Stay

What Happens? After Scottie agrees to help Harvey fight Ava Hessington’s lawsuit, both of them face depositions at the hands of Ava’s new attorney—Travis Tanner. Jessica warns Scottie that these depositions will get very dirty very quickly, which is proven when Tanner brings up Harvey and Scottie’s history, including Scottie cheating on her fiancé with Harvey. Tanner’s personal attacks against Scottie become too much for Harvey to take, and we begin to see that the part of him that cares for her is becoming more and more outspoken. However, Tanner doesn’t just attack Scottie’s character; he accuses her of knowing about Stephen Huntley’s murders, which Huntley attests to in a sworn statement.

There’s one factor Tanner and Huntley didn’t take into account when thinking of this plan, though, and that’s Donna and her dedication to helping Scottie because she knows how much Scottie means to Harvey. Taking Mike along with her, she gets Stephen to confess to lying about Scottie’s involvement, which is recorded by prison cameras. After that, Tanner’s partnership with Ava quickly begins to unravel, ending with the oil magnate dropping her lawsuit and Harvey emerging victorious over Tanner once again. Harvey and Scottie celebrate the victory with dinner and a proposal from Harvey for Scottie to join the firm. She declines because she wants more than to just work with Harvey. When she presses him to say more than his usual “I care about you,” Harvey’s cool exterior finally shows some signs of warmth, and he tells her that he wants more than just a working relationship; he wants her in his life.

Louis and Mike also find themselves with relationship struggles in this episode. Louis fails to recognize Sheila’s desire to be exclusive until it seems to be too late, and Mike is struggling with giving Rachel the space she needs to make her decision about Stanford and Columbia. That decision is made more difficult when Jessica discovers Mike and Rachel’s relationship and decides to act before anything could happen to cause Robert Zane’s daughter to reveal Mike’s secret. She gives Mike an affidavit to give to Rachel to sign, stating that she knows Mike is a fraud, which means her career would be destroyed too if anyone were to find out about Mike. The only other choice, Mike tells Rachel, is to go to Stanford.

It becomes clear, though, that Rachel doesn’t want to go to Stanford, so she’ll sign the affidavit—on one condition. She demands that Jessica drop the firm’s “Harvard-only” requirement for her because she knows she’s already better than most of the Harvard-trained associates they have. It appears Jessica agrees because Mike and Rachel’s storyline ends with the revelation that she’s going to Columbia and staying by Mike’s side.

As for Louis’s relationship, he finds Sheila in the Harvard Law records room and tells her that he wants an exclusive relationship with her. Elated, she leaves the room to call her mother, telling him not to touch any of the files. Of course, Louis can’t help himself, and he finds Harvey’s file. His search for Mike’s file is stopped short by a startling revelation: There is no “Mike Ross” in the Harvard Law system.

Game-Changing Moment There were plenty of moments that could be considered game-changers down the line: Rachel choosing Columbia and Mike over Stanford and a fresh start; Harvey opening up and pursuing a relationship with Scottie; Jessica dropping the Harvard-only rule for Rachel…But the biggest twist came when Louis discovered that Mike’s file isn’t in the Harvard Law system. It sets up a new conflict for the second half of this season, and it brings another person into the web of Mike’s secret. We all knew Louis had to find out eventually, but I like that it was done in a way that still made you feel the suspense even though you knew what was going to happen.

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